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We exist for such a time as this!

Esther 4:14 “…who knows if perhaps you were appointed for such a time as this?”

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Poem penned and shared by Unati Manyela

Enlarge my territory – Missions Exposure 2021

Generation Next and Beyond Borders (departments of INcontext International) hosted a diverse group with the hope to impart the heart of God for ‘unreached’ people groups in Cape Town, South Africa.

Uganda – Missions Exposure 2019

Generation Next and Beyond Borders (departments of INcontext International) hosted a missions exposure in 2019. They took a diverse group who stayed amongst the South Sudanese refugees living in Uganda. They had the opportunity to minister, share the Gospel of Christ from door to door, and serve the community.

Hearing from those who travelled with us to Uganda

“The biggest and greatest lesson learnt for me was that there is so much need and hurt out there in the world. Therefore as a child of God, you cannot afford to live for yourself. God hears the cry and sees the tears of His children, and uses His children to be His hands and feet on the ground.” ~ Robin Bhebhe

“I learnt a number of lessons. The trip left me feeling sombre and sad, that as humans we can inflict so much pain on each other in pursuit of selfish goals. Whole nations, tribes, and families can be displaced and irreparably damaged. For me it underscores our responsibility as Christians to consider what it means to love your neighbor. In every little action, I check myself, that my deeds stay true to this commandment, as challenging as it is. And it’s very challenging. The second lesson, and perhaps the most important… Was seeing how the people of South Sudan have found strength and peace in The Lord. They resonate a love and peace that is reflective of Christ. That was a big lesson for me. Trust in the Lord!” ~ Sibusiso Zitha

“I witnessed God’s hand and goodness in my time in Uganda – that through the turmoil of war, He was rescuing and bringing a displaced people to Himself, some of whom would otherwise not get to hear the gospel. It was for me a reassurance that God is present at all times and He is indeed always working.”
~ Amanda Pungula