About us

Our Vision

INcontext International serves the Body of Christ by providing a Christian perspective on global news to encourage strategic mission involvement.


“You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time?” Luke 12:56

Our Mission Statement


INvestigate global news and trends for a comprehensive picture of the world

INterpret news and geopolitical trends from a Christian perspective

INform the church through various online resources and presentations

INvolve the church through prayer, and projects in strategic nations and regions

Since global news is mostly communicated through secular media, many Christians fail to see how God is involved in global events. By developing a Christian perspective on these events, Christians become more aware of the global Body of Christ and see how the Lord is constantly at work throughout the world, orchestrating strategic opportunities for the expansion of His Kingdom.

Our hope is that the Church will be excited about what the Lord is doing around the world and that the excitement will lead to greater involvement in missions.

What we offer


News updates with a Christian perspective, in-depth perspectives, hoax investigation, infographics, prayer resources, and more


Tailored seminars aimed at communicating a Christian perspective on world news


Focused consultation meetings for strategic planning with church and mission leaders


Weekly news overview prayer resources and other updates sent to your inbox

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Mission involvement through missionary and/or project support in strategic nations

What we believe

Meet Our Team

“My name is Gustav Krös. I am married to Hanlie, and we have two boys, Roald & Sion. I joined INcontext in June 2011 and now serve as the International Director. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, going for a run, or reading a book.”

“My name is Hanlie Krös, I’m married to Gustav and we have 2 little boys. Roald (6) and Sion (4). I joined INcontext full-time in 2014 as events coordinator, translator, and infographic designer. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, going to the beach, and taking walks in nature.”

“My name is Lebo Magugu and I am married to my amazing husband Qhamani. I joined the wonderful team of INcontext in January 2017 after returning from serving in South East Asia for two years. I form part of the leadership team and relationship Department, focusing on the African Church. When I am not working, I enjoy the outdoors, playing board and card games with family and friends and eating ice-cream at the beach.”

“My name is Jeremiah Goddard and I absolutely love my work with INcontext. I first got involved in 2019 and after a trip to Lebanon really felt God’s leading in joining the ministry. I form part of the leadership team and provide member care to our 75 missionaries from 32 countries. Also, I am working to build the US base and share what God is doing around the world. When I’m not working I love everything outdoors with my family. I enjoy backpacking, camping, kayaking, and video games with my boys.”

“My name is Gigi Kotze, I’m married to my AWESOME husband Damon. We joined INcontext full-time at the end of 2018, he now serves as a Pastor in Worcester and I serve at INcontext as part of the leadership team in the communications department. When I’m not working, I enjoy all things crafty, painting, playing games, exploring new places and watching sunsets.”

“My name is Alex Pollock, and I joined INcontext as a volunteer in 2018 before joining full-time in January 2020. I work in the communications department, as well as with the Crisis Response Network. When I am not working, I enjoy visiting coffee shops, running, and watching & playing sports.”

“My name is Katelin, married to Cobus. I joined INcontext in 2020, initially as an intern. I work in the Communications Department, involved in research, writing, editing, and website tasks. When I am not working, I enjoy reading, listening to music, exercising, exploring Pinterest, and trying different foods.”

“Hello, my name is Sharon and I am married to my husband, Zaine. We are from Durban and have lived in the Western Cape since June 2021. I joined INcontext in September 2021 and have loved every minute of working for the ministry. I am the office administrator. I also help out in a few of the other departments with ad hoc tasks. When I am not working, I enjoy relaxing and watching a TV series with my family while enjoying an iced coffee, crocheting, as well as cooking good food.”

“My name is Aron Mwasile, I am married to Glory and we are blessed with two boys. I joined INcontext 2016, I am the director for Tanzania office. When am not working I enjoy watching football and playing chess.”

“My name is Aired Kisiya, I am married to Atu and we are blessed with two wonderful kids. I joined INcontext in 2019. I am the project manager for Tanzania office. When I am not working, I enjoy reading books and watching football.”

“My name is Lulu Niza Mwaihola, I am the last born and only girl in my family. I joined the INcontext team in 2019. My role in the Tanzania office is the Resource Mobilization Officer and Hospitality. We are currently not working at a office but we meet often to work together and I enjoy serving God through the INcontext team in different ways.”

“My name is Helena Materu, my journey with INcontext began in November 2017 on a volunteer program. I now serve as IT and communications personnel in the Tanzania office. When I am not working I enjoy playing and watching football (some call it soccer), reading, and having fruitful conversations.”